Events, receptions and cocktail parties…
Masseria Tarturiello is the ideal location for any event or celebration as it offers comfortable and welcoming indoors, large and well-equipped outdoors with beautiful surroundings and spectacular views.
A large parking area provides easy access for your guests.

Events, receptions and cocktail parties Masseria Tarturiello is the ideal venue for any event or celebration as it...
Tailored preparations for your event The outdoors and indoors can be prepared and staged to suit the requirements...
Apulian cuisine Traditional Mediterranean flavours is what Masseria Tarturiello offers. We...
Masseria Tarturiello
SP3 BIS (ex SS581) - Km 39,00
Ceglie Messapica - Martina Franca
Mobile: (+39) 328 0817805 (whatsapp)
Mobile: (+39) 392 2067368
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